SCRC Loudoun VA Featured Steed - January, 2021

Bike Owner:  Geoff Gates

What is the make/model of your ride?
2009 Victory Vision Tour Premium.

Does it have a nickname? What is it?
Yes, Florence, named after my grandmother who passed away in the same month that the motorcycle rolled off the line. Just seemed right.

Tell us what you have done to make it yours. The bike came nicely appointed from its prior owner with 10th anniversary chrome trim. I added the CB / Intercom, various lighting upgrades and a trunk rack. At a recent belt change interval I added the Stage 1 exhaust and gatlin tips that were sitting in my garage for 2 years. While probably unnecessary I added some highway pegs just to get extra foot position. I’ve probably added other assorted farkles but frankly I’m not sure I can remember them all and for the most part the bike doesn't need anything but how many mods are really ever necessary!

How many miles have you riddin on it?
I'd need to go check my records, but I'm going to estimate about 35,000 since I got it, and not nearly enough for the touring capacity of which this bike is capable.

What is the longest ride you have taken on this bike?
I have yet to indulge in the cross country trip I've dreamed about, but I did recently take a few larger trips, the longest yet being about 3000 miles (very circuitiously) to Arkansas.

Does the bike have a default location it likes to take you?
I'm game for anywhere, so whever adventure lies is where the bike takes me.