SCRC Loudoun VA Featured Member - July, 2007

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Name:   Tom Geery

Nickname:   Tank

Marital Status:  Married to a wild woman. Seriously. And lucky I am, too!

Location:  Herndon, VA

Hometown:  Right here in good old Fairfax County... born here, traveled with my family early on with my dad who was in the service, and ended up right back here...

Children:  2 really great kids, Conner, our almost 14 year old daughter, and Patrick, our 10 year old son.

Age:  Man... do I *really* have to say? {sigh}... I'm 53 and married to a 29 year old wild woman,

Occupation:  Network, software, electronic tech for Xerox Corp. 28 years and counting with the company!

Current motorcycle(s):  '07 Yamaha Royal Star Venture and '03 Yamaha VStar 1100 Silverado.

How did you hear about the SCRC and when did you join?
Heard about Loudoun SCRC through my wild woman wife... she was looking for someplace to hang out and I figured I'd better tag along to keep her behaving... it's a full time job but someone's gotta do it.

How long have you been riding?
I took up riding when I was 17. I took a little break from riding when Julie, uh, Wild Woman, and I got married because she didn't want anything to do with riding. Imagine that!! Got back into riding after Julie got into Ride For Kids and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Have you ever taken a motorcycle safety course?
No, they didn't really have them when I got started and never took the time to take one after I had been riding for all the years...

What was your first bike?
Yamaha XS650 twin.

How many bikes have you owned?
A grand total of 4 now... if you don't count the two that my lovely wife owns,

Why do you ride?
Love the feeling of freedom and relaxation I get from riding and the companionship that I get from being with my best friend/wife and great friends I know or have met while riding.

Have you ridden with an organized group before?
Never before Loudoun SCRC, no.

What modifications have you done to your bike?
Added "PODS," or removed the intake air box and installed individual air filters on the carbs on the 1100, and then rejetted. Added aftermarket exhaust... then some additional chrome and toys... I have done some carb adjustments to the Venture to make it run better (EPA makes them jet them lean from the factory!!) and lowered the Venture about 1.5 inches to help with my 29 inch inseam...

What accessories do you want to add to your bike?
Driving lights on the Venture, rear luggage rack, some better rear lighting for visibility.

What is your dream bike?
I'm riding it now, my Venture!

What kind of riding do you like to do — straight-aways or twisties?
Long distance cruising is a blast... I want to tour the US eventually. But, I have to say that you will find the wear pads on my floorboards worn from taking the twisties as well. I'm not crazy because I do know I ride a cruiser or touring bike but still love the corners a lot! So, I guess BOTH!

If you have a nickname, how did you get it? Tell the truth!
Tell the truth! I have to thank Robin 'Ricochet', as she was instrumental in me getting the name I have... with a first name like Thomas, well, you can figure out the rest!

What is your favorite riding route?
Any route that doesn't encounter a lot of 4 wheeled (or more) traffic!

Do you ride your bike to work?
Rarely... I am expected to have certain things with me when I am in the field and I can carry a lot of that on the Venture but not all of it,

What is the fastest you’ve ridden?
About 130 MPH on my '79 XS1100 Special in-line 4... sort of an early sport-touring shaft drive rocket... lot of fun, that bike was!

What is your favorite time of year to ride?
Spring or Fall... when the air is crisp and dry, temperatures are 60's to low 80's!

Have you ever been down? If so, how were you hurt and what did you learn from the incident?
Yeah, I went down hard when a car turned left in front of me when I was much younger. Intensive care for 7 days and had a fracture of the back and a lot of other damage. I learned that a good helmet can save your life as I wouldn't be here today if I wasn't wearing one. I also learned not to trust any intersection.

Have you ever done an "Iron Butt" ride?
Never an organized Iron Butt ride but have done some pretty long rides on my older '79 1100, my current 1100, and have already got well over 5000 miles on my Venture that I got in March of this year.

If not, what is the furthest you’ve ridden?
Probably around 1300 miles in 4 days.

What was the worst weather in which you’ve ridden?
Came back from Thunder In The Valley, June of '06. Freakin' monsoons the entire ride back from the Berlin, PA area. I thought I had ridden in bad rain before but nothing like what we rode in coming back from that... literally rivers of water on the interstates and secondary roads. Stuff that doesn't normally get wet was soaked... EVERYTHING was soaked!

Do you know how to work on your bike?
Yes, I love to tinker and I know how to service all aspects of my bikes,

What is your favorite road song?
Hmmm... will have to give that one some thought and get back to you.

What was your most adventurous ride?
HA ride down to Maggie Valley and into Tennessee...

What rallies or events do you like to attend?
Any of them... I like to people watch, see the spectacle of all of the bikes and different types of people at the events... see the vendors and such, too.

Is there someone who rides "two-up" with you?
My wild woman will ride two up with me from time to time but she MUCH prefers to drive her own ride. Both of my kids like to ride with us as well,

Off the cuff from...Tank
I have to say I have really enjoyed the time we have spent here in Loudoun SCRC. A great bunch of people that really care about their friends. Make you feel real at home! Julie and I have really felt welcomed here and have made new and solid friendships! Ride Safe!