SCRC Loudoun VA Featured Member - December, 2008

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January, 2005

Name:   Santa Claus

Nickname:   Father Christmas, Old Man Christmas, Saint Nicholas (Nick)

Marital Status:  Happily married to the wonderful Mrs. Claus

Location:  Anywhere I need to be

Hometown:  The North Pole, of course.

Children:  None, but I do consider the hundreds of elves my dear children.

Age:  I lost count after 100

Occupation:  I have a pretty nice job. I really only work my butt off one day out of the year. The rest of the year how shall I say, I'm in "management"e;.

Current motorcycle(s):  A homemade chopper. It's got an 8 reindeer power V-Twin with a dual overdrive six speed. She really screams.

How long have you been riding?
Oh, for years.

Have you ever taken a motorcycle safety course?
Ho ho ho ho... A safety course? Nah. There isn't much traffic up here at the north pole. I just have to watch out for those reindeer. They like to wander out in the road from time to time.

What was your first bike?
It's been so long ago. Probably a candycane cruiser.

How many bikes have you owned?
The conditions here in my part of the world are pretty rough on a bike don't ya know eh? I've had many over the years. Those darned elves put way too much salt out and it just rots the metal. I really should talk to their boss.

Why do you ride?
Well you probably know what my day job is. I love the feel of the wind pushing my beard back around my neck. Riding the cycle is just about as close as I can get to taking the sleigh out one day a year.

Have you ridden with an organized group before?
Nah. The eight silly deer are far from organized!! Ho ho ho ho.

What modifications have you done to your bike?
Some candycane striping, chrome and sleigh bells.

What accessories do you want to add to your bike?
A GPS would be nice. I have one in the sleigh and it comes in so handy circumnavigating the globe in 24 hours. Maybe I could find my way home from those long bike rides in time for dinner if I had one on the bike.

What is your dream bike?
The elves tell me that 2009 CVO Ultra is pretty nice. I hear they come in RED.

What kind of riding do you like to do — straight-aways or twisties?
Nothing like scraping ice with the footpegs. I love it.

If you have a nickname, how did you get it? Tell the truth!
It's a secret. Sorry.

What is your favorite riding route?
Any road I can get lost and enjoy the wind in my face.

Do you ride your bike to work?
Nah. Unfortunately the bike doesn't fly.

What is the fastest you’ve ridden?
Well, takeoff speed in the sleigh is about 95 knots indicated airspeed. I've had her up to about Mach 2.3 though. Sadly on the bike, only about 80 MPH. Like I said, nothing quite compares to flying.

What is your favorite time of year to ride?
Fall I'd say. I get pretty restless after being off work for 9 months don't ya know eh?

Have you ever been down? If so, how were you hurt and what did you learn from the incident?
I lost it in a curve one time. I was enjoying the ride and didn't realize I was going too fast. I leaned her over pretty hard trying to pull through, but my traction broke and I slid sideways through a snowman and into a gingerbread house. It wasn't pretty, but I wasn't hurt. I really should pay more attention.

Have you ever done an "Iron Butt" ride?
Every December 24th. :p

If not, what is the furthest you’ve ridden?
Seems like I've been around the world.

What was the worst weather in which you’ve ridden?
There was this particularly foggy Christmas eve. I had to install those new "Rudolph" brand fog lamps. Boy do they help cut through the fog.

Do you know how to work on your bike?
Nah. I have elves to help with that.

What is your favorite road song?
Jingle Bells, hands down!

What rallies or events do you like to attend?
Well, I try to keep a low key. But remember I am always watching. I may just show up to your next event.

Is there someone who rides "two-up" with you?
Nah. Mrs. Claus doesn't like to ride. She'd rather stay home and wait for me to return.

Off the cuff from...Father Christmas, Old Man Christmas, Saint Nicholas (Nick)
Have you been naughty or nice this year? Oh don't worry I know the answer. Merry Christmas to all and see you next year!