SCRC Loudoun VA Featured Member - August, 2011

Name:   Kat Radloff

Nickname:   Kat

Marital Status:  Don't have one.

Location:  Leesburg, VA

Hometown:  Don't have one of these either. Moved too much as a child.

Children:  Maddy Lee or Motor Loud Mouth to some of you.

Age:  29 and holding.

Occupation:  Admin Asst to a bunch of animals.

Current motorcycle(s):  UFO

How did you hear about the SCRC and when did you join?
Through Steve "Soarer". Joined a couple of months ago but have been around for a while.

How long have you been riding?
Since I was a teenager.

Have you ever taken a motorcycle safety course?

What was your first bike?
Prefer to be a passenger for now but used to ride dirt bikes as a kid.

How many bikes have you owned?
Zero. Prefer to let someone else pay the bills.

Why do you ride?
Because it is fun!

Have you ridden with an organized group before?
No unless you consider a bunch of drunk teenagers an organized group.

What modifications have you done to your bike?
Suggest you ask the UFO owner.

What accessories do you want to add to your bike?
Vanity mirror!

What is your dream bike?
Currently ride my dream bike.

What kind of riding do you like to do — straight-aways or twisties?
Both are good unless you count some of the twisties Rob showed us recently and they were very twisted twisties.

If you have a nickname, how did you get it? Tell the truth!
Kat is short for Kathryn.

What is your favorite riding route?
Like all so far.

Do you ride your bike to work?

What is the fastest you’ve ridden?
Geez I prefer not to look at speedometer.

What is your favorite time of year to ride?
Any time I am not burning up or getting soaking wet.

Have you ever been down? If so, how were you hurt and what did you learn from the incident?
If so, how were you hurt and what did you learn from the incident? Only once. Burned by leg very badly. I learned to tell my girl friend that didn't know how to ride she should not steer her boyfriends bike from the passenger seat.

Have you ever done an "Iron Butt" ride?

If not, what is the furthest you’ve ridden?
Not sure.

What was the worst weather in which you’ve ridden?
Nothing very bad.

Do you know how to work on your bike?
Nope I have my own personal mechanic.

What is your favorite road song?
Hmm...Will let you know when I find out. (Definitely not the things you know who sings)

What was your most adventurous ride?
On the back of a Harley on the way to Galveston Beach in a bikini in rush hour traffic.

What rallies or events do you like to attend?
Any that Steve "Soarer" and all my wonderful friends from SCRC go to. :)

Is there someone who rides "two-up" with you?
I am the "two" in the "two-up".

Off the cuff from...Kat
I want to thank all of my new friends here at SCRC for making me feel welcome and making my move to Virginia more wonderful.