SCRC Loudoun VA Featured Member - October, 2011

Name:   Dionisia Coffman

Marital Status:  Married

Location:  Herndon, VA

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Children:  60, 22, 24

Age:  Yes

Occupation:  Business Development

Current motorcycle(s):  08 BMW F800 ST

How did you hear about the SCRC and when did you join?
My husband, Fidget, became a member about 4 years back and was having a great time on the rides and was talking about how great all the SCRC members were. I went with him to a few Socials and holiday events and enjoyed them all and found that a number of women also rode. I think I joined about 3 years ago.

How long have you been riding?
I've been riding on my own for 18 months. I was riding two up with Fidget until I decided my life was in danger and got my own ride.

Have you ever taken a motorcycle safety course?
Just the MSF course to get my license. Next spring I'm going to take the 'Staying Safe' two or 3 day road course in the Blue Ridge or in the Smokies.

What was your first bike?
A VStar 650 Classic. I wanted something lighter and the F 800 is about 100 lbs lighter and sweeter.

How many bikes have you owned?
One, the VStar is the family training bike. Now my son is riding it as he moved back home after college to work and save some money and just got his MC license.

Why do you ride?
Riding is the Great Escape!! What else gives you sensory overload combined with total control and ultimate responsibility. There is nothing like riding your own ride and taking in all that is about you up close and personal just the way you want to. Each ride is different in what you encounter and the way you handle it and you own the results at the end of the day. It's addictive.

Have you ridden with an organized group before?
I've been on SCRC rides but, still, no! (Jez jokeen)

What modifications have you done to your bike?
Removed the Garmin GPS; Cee Bailey Windscreen: Handlebar setbacks; Corbin seat.

What accessories do you want to add to your bike?
Possibly a CB but, I really enjoy just listening to my music.

What is your dream bike?
The one Pierce Brosnan is riding.

What kind of riding do you like to do — straight-aways or twisties?
We are still talking riding, right? I really like sweepers and two lane meandering country roads where I can ride fast enough for cheap thrills and slow enough to sniff the flowers if need be. I've been on most of the more technical twisties out West of here and the BRP is just perfect.

If you have a nickname, how did you get it? Tell the truth!
Dona Licha

What is your favorite riding route?
Lime Kiln, Rt 7, River Rd to Front Royal or anywhere leading to Griffins Tavern or a great winery.

Do you ride your bike to work?
Only to play.

What is the fastest you’ve ridden?

What is your favorite time of year to ride?

Have you ever been down? If so, how were you hurt and what did you learn from the incident?
Only in the driveway. Hitting that front brake while turning at a snails pace will slam you every time. Had to emergency stop for a deer out on St Louis a couple of weeks ago but got lucky.

Have you ever done an "Iron Butt" ride?
Yeah. Remember I mentioned above riding two up with Fidget.

If not, what is the furthest you’ve ridden?
850 miles in 3 days. Fidget and I were chasing Virginia Passport stamps.

What was the worst weather in which you’ve ridden?
MSF School. Rained both days of the class.

Do you know how to work on your bike?
Put the laptop on the handle bars...of course!

What is your favorite road song?
Mambo # 8

What was your most adventurous ride?
Roanoke up the BRP to 130 down to Glasglow up and over somewhere to Paint Bank, VA and over the 211 pass into Sweet Springs WV. The last leg was 2nd gear down hill switchbacks. Thanks Fidget!!!

What rallies or events do you like to attend?
Anything with Wine, Music and Beach....Oh, Bike events? Lets see, hmm!

Is there someone who rides "two-up" with you?
I wont tell.

Off the cuff from...Dionisia
Ill take Whatever for $400 Alex.