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Open House at the Butterfields


All - we are planning an open house to get the group together in May.  On May 6th, from 1:00 till whenever, we invite you to come have some food, drink and fun with the other group members. It is also our sun room christening party.  All are welcome, the more the merrier so bring the entire family.

I know we see each other on rides throughout the season but this will give us time to get together in another venue.  We will have food, generic beer and wine and some good bourbon, thanks to Chris.  Feel free to bring something if you would like, especially if you want a specific beer or wine.

There is plenty of parking so feel free to ride, drive, etc.

Info is:

Chris and Andrea Butterfield
17364 Tedler Circle
Round Hill, VA 20151
(540) 751-1798

Let us know by April 15th if you can come, even for a short time.  Looking forward to this as well as the rides throughout the season.



CHris & Andrea

Sun May 6, 2018 1pm - 8pm Eastern Time - New York
Video call