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SCRC Membership Info

The SCRC is for everyone who enjoys riding in a group and our club's policies are very simple:

  • No dues or fees!
  • You don't have to show up at ALL club meetings.
  • No tasks for you to perform.
  • No major commitments except the desire to ride!

We do ask a few things, however, from our members:

  • Always ride safely.
  • Don't give the club a bad name; and
  • Support your club and chapter!

It doesn't matter what type of bike you ride as long as it is street legal. We also require you to hold a current drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement. We hold monthly dinner meetings to keep members up to date on activities and monthly social gatherings to just have fun! Check out the ride calendar for more information on these events.

Additionally, we recommend you check out the chapter member page and photo gallery to get an idea of the fun we have in the Loudoun chapter.

So, what are you waiting for??? Join now!!! Online Application