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Safety Tip from Throttle - Check that attitude

I’ve heard the following phrases (or ones similar) quite a bit in online forums:

  • “I ride like everyone in a cage is trying to kill me”
  • “Always expect cagers to pull out in front of you”
  • “Ride like you’re invisible. Assume that nobody sees you.

Now, I think the intent of these phrases is to find a way to motivate folks to be alert. So why not do that? My experience has shown me that auto drivers don’t really want to kill me. I haven’t even come across any that (without provocation) wanted to even hurt me. If I were invisible, my rides would be much more dangerous because folks really couldn’t see me.

Automobile drivers, like all people, are guilty of not paying attention at times and can therefore make mistakes. Mistakes that are car versus motorcycle can of course be much more serious than car vs car and therefore those mistakes can be deadly. Knowing this, I say “be prepared”. Think ahead to potential problems and figure out what you’ll do before it happens. Drive defensively, you’re life may depend on it.

Next time someone pulls out in front of you, don’t assume they are trying to kill you. That kind of mindset can lead you down a dangerous path and doesn’t prevent you from getting in an accident.

For questions, comments, or suggestions on safety tips please contact Rob 'Throttle' Capozzi.

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