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Safety Tip from Throttle - Be seen

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The more you stick out, the more likely other drivers will take notice of you. Some ideas to help you stand out:

  • Helmets are a good location to add colors. If you don’t have a brightly colored helmet, you can add reflective stickers (they come in numerous designs and colors) for increased day and night time visibility.
  • Reflective vests especially during times of limited visibility can make you significantly more visible to others.
  • Lights – The more the better. Front, side, and rear. Also consider running high beams during the daylight hours or even a head light modulator. LEDs are a good option for additional rear and side visibility as they come in numerous sizes and shapes and use very little electrical power.
  • Reflectors – Many like to replace the reflectors on their bike with LEDs or remove the reflectors all together. Remember that LEDs don’t help your bike to be seen when the bike is off while parked in a parking lot or should you need to stop on the shoulder of the road.

For questions, comments, or suggestions on safety tips please contact Rob 'Throttle' Capozzi.

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