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Safety Tip from Throttle - Intersections

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Always be prepared if that car, truck, van etc. pulls out in front of you. Things to consider when approaching an intersection:

  • Cover the front brake in preparation of a quick stop. This will save you about .15 seconds of reaction time. (A technique that is good to use all the time). At 60mph a half second equates to about 13 feet. That’s 13 extra feet you could give yourself to stop!
  • If possible, enter an intersection with another car, using another car like a shield or escort. This helps those drivers only “looking” for car like vehicles. This is also an excellent strategy when traveling through deer country. Ride along side/near the surrounding cars instead of all alone if possible.
  • Try and move to the lane furthest away from the car trying to enter/cross the intersection.
  • Be noticed. Within your lane, moving from the left side to the right side and back can be helpful.

For questions, comments, or suggestions on safety tips please contact Rob 'Throttle' Capozzi.

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