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Safety Tip from Throttle - Gloves

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The most frequent injury to the crash-involved motorcyclist is abrasion. Hands are especially susceptible since natural reaction when falling is to put your hands out to protect yourself. Wearing gloves is an easy way to prevent/reduce hand injury in an accident.

There are several different styles. Fingerless, gauntlet style, etc. Leather has better abrasive wear than textile although leather can be much warmer. The heat can be a problem in the summer months. To combat this there are several brands that provide perforated leather models that work very well. Also consider that many gloves incorporate padding in them (such as the palms and back of the fingers and hand) to provide additional impact protection.

As with helmets….something is better than nothing. Any exposed skin is susceptible for damage should you crash. Wear the glove that you want but know the potential consequences.

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