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Safety Tip from Throttle - Watch your mirrors

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When sitting at a stop sign or traffic light, beware of what is behind you.

  • Keep your motorcycle in first gear for a possible quick get away.
  • Flash your brake lights when a vehicle approaches you.
  • If you are behind a vehicle at the stop, keep enough distance from the vehicle in front of you AND line up to the left or right side so that you can quickly and easily ride up next if the vehicle approaching from the rear isn’t slowing down.
  • If you are the first in line and you need to get out of the way you’ll want to go left or right (depending on the lane you are in) into the intersection as an escape route. Decide which way you’ll go before the emergency so you can react quickly.

For questions, comments, or suggestions on safety tips please contact Rob 'Throttle' Capozzi.

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